About us

About us

NWS are a leading  wastewater treatment provider. NWS delivers the most appropriate wastewater solution no matter how big or small the project. We will efficiently deliver projects from concept design through construction to handover, on time and on budget.

Our core business is water treatment. Our scientists and engineers are at the heart of our success providing a mix of skills bringing natural wastewater solutions into traditional waste water design. We can deliver both passive and mechanical systems that meet client objectives. Often passive solutions like reed beds combine well with semi-mechnical solutions, for example aerated reed beds to treat higher loads.

NWS will always strive to exceed client expectations.

Key facts

Established in 2010 NWS is a leader in water treatment systems for municipal, industrial and infrastructure clients. Our main focus is on natural water treatment and re-use. Our UK headquarters are at the University Of Warwick Science Park in the U.K. where we service the U.K. and European markets. Our North America and South America projects are managed from our office in Minnesota.


NWS is dedicated to exceeding client expectations by bringing the most appropriate technological solutions, products and services to the client. We will be one of the most respected and trusted companies in the sectors in which we work.



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