Reed Bed

Natural WasteWater Solutions


  • Modelling Predictive Performance

  • Low stress system

  • Meets current and future discharge consents

  • Low operator input

  • Integration nto SCADA


  • Latest Projects

    Reed Bed

    Design and build of an Aerated Reed Bed System for tertiary treatment using NWS predictive modelling.Completed April 2017

  • Latest Projects

    Land Treatment Area

    A large Land Treatment Area constructed for Thames Water with Open Water Zones to collect solids before discharging onto the plots.

  • Latest Projects

    Reed Bed for South West Water

    The design and construction of a reed bed with aeration diffusers for future potential use for South West Water.

  • Latest Projects

    Aerated Reed Bed

    Design and construction of a large aerated reed bed for Thames Water. The system provides solids, BOD and ammonia treatment.

  • Latest Projects

    Aerated Reed Bed Refurbishment

    Refurbishment of a South West Water Reed Bed and additional inclusion of an aeration system.

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