NWS Services

Reed Bed Design, Construction

Our expertise includes passive and aerated reed bed design and construction.

Storm Flow Treatment

Typically this involves combining treatment and optimum storage solutions in CSO (Combined Sewer Overflow) projects.

Land Treatment Area Design, Construction and Refurbishment

Land Treatment Areas, or Grass Plots are used widely in the U.K for tertiary polishing.

Reed Bed Refurbishment

NWS have undertaken many reed bed refurbishments. Generally, we remove the gravel and wash it on site whilst recycling the wash water and dewatering the collected solids.

Lagoon Systems

NWS have installed lagoon systems to reduce solids, ammonia and other contaminants.

Maintenance and Operation

NWS maintain and assist in the operation of many of installed systems. Our teams cover the maintenance of reed bed systems and mechanical systems.

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